Thursday, August 5, 2010

Link mishmash

Four links worth a quick visit.

1. "Minimum parking requirements act like a fertility drug for cars." Interesting NYTimes editorial on the consequences of government-mandated parking. I'm interesting in getting the libertarian take on this one. Do minimum parking requirements distort the market for land use by overproducing parking lots and roads, or do they facilitate commerce by lower transaction costs? Hat tip: David Smith.

2. An infographic from Bloomberg Businessweek on negative buzz, doping, and Lance Armstrong's reputation. The interesting thing here is the source: automated buzz tracking services applying sentiment analysis to the blogosphere. This is a technology I plan to use in my dissertation.

3. The myth of a conservative corporate America - A nice infographic on corporate donations to politics. Good use of FEC data.

4. Some good resources for screen scraping

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