Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Link mishmash

Interesting post by Dan Hopkins on the Monkey Cage: Spin and the economy -- Can newspapers convince people the economy is better or worse than it really is? No.

Also from the MC: predictions for the 2010 elections. We're short of complete consensus, but the Dems are likely to lose the House.

From FlowingData: a beautiful delayed-shutter picture of fireflies in a forest. See also the delayed-shutter picture of a Roomba.

From NYTimes: folk wisdom about study habits -- some of it masquerading as scientific -- is often dead wrong. This whole article is worth reading, but let me spoil a few of the punch lines. Designated study rooms -- bad. (What about designated study times?) Learning styles (e.g. "I'm a visual learner") -- very little supporting evidence. Testing -- often beneficial.

An xkcd wedding cake. I love this web comic.

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